Articles from August 2011

MPS Europeans 2011 – Tags for Trolleys and Trailers – from Sunday on – Marina Portoroz Entrance

Hi, everybody.

Please note that from Sunday on (04.09.2011) you will be given 2 tags on the entrance of Marina Portoroz – a bigger one and a smaller one as shown in the picture.

You will also be given plastic attachment bands for attaching the tags:


Kindly place a bigger tag on a visible part of your TRAILER after you have parked it in the trailer park area.



Smaller tag will help our crew in the boat park to assist you when finding your trolley when you will be returning to shore.

Therefore please place it on the FRONT PART of your TROLLEY.

We’re looking forward to your arrival!

MPS Europeans 2011 – Friday Charity Concert – Katrinas & HeaveniX

We are happy to present two great musical bands, which kindly responded to our invitation to perform gratis for charity – this will help raising money for children with special needs to spend a few days on sailboats, which is known as one of most therapeutic environment beside animal-assisted therapy.
As we have attended many of their performances we guarantee great party after Official Friday Night Dinner at Restaurant Laguna in Marina Portoroz (see NewsLetter 7 – page 5 – marker 11).
Hereby we are thanking all the members again for accepting our invitation.
Vocal harmony, high quality music (authorial music by Rok Golob & Katarina Habe), different genres and positive energy creates the sound that is Katrinas. This three member group from Ljubljana, Slovenija has been a fixed star on the sky of Slovenian music scene for many years now. During the years Katrinas featured different vocals, at the moment the three-leaved clover are Katarina Habe (manager and founder of the group), Neža Drobnič Bogataj and Sanja Mlinar Marin.

We are happy they will take a day off from recording their latest album and rehearsing with Slovenian Philharmonic Orcestra, and join us on Friday evening.

Find Katrinas on Facebook

Boštjan Andrejc (guitar, vocal),

Rok Golob (keyboards, guitar),

Patrick Vlačič (bass)


David Morgan (drums).
HeaveniX plays rock, funk, latin, blues…but the best part of their performance is the atmosphere they create – having fun performing quickly spreads into the crowd – you’ll see it by yourself. Just to give you an idea – Rok Golob recently returned from Sting’s latest tour Simphonicity, where he played keyboards…

Find HeaveniX on Facebook
Don’t miss it!

MPS Europeans 2011 – 7th Newsletter has arrived

And on we go with our Newsletters!

Just click on the following link to check the August edition and enjoy!

MPS Europeans 2011 – Special offer for Luxury Appartments inside Marina Portoroz / Championship Venue

As gesture of good cooperation and professional approach from Organizing Team, Marina Portoroz prepared special offer for their luxury apartments inside Marina Portoroz / Championship Venue. The offer includes also some other marina’s facilities such as tennis, mini golf, swimming pool,…
More info on and by the contacts in the document, you can open by clicking the following link.


MPS Europeans 2011 – After “Normal Entry” deadline: 44 Competitors from 12 Countries

After the Normal Entry closure the Entry situation is as follows:
MPS Europeans: 44 Competitors from 12 Countries,
GoSAILING Performance Cup (MPS, A-Class, FD, Moth): 37 Competitors from 9 Countries.
We thank all who have entered already and look forward to more of you who will decide last-minute.
Don’t worry – after all the rain that has fallen in July, we expect nice and warm September :)